Discussion panels with local or regional politicians have been organised, with participation of asylum seekers, former refugees or displaced persons, adult learners of the majority society, the public, the press. The whole learning process was intermittently discussed and evaluated.

Focusing on an increasingly controversial subject, the LUTA partners keep in touch even beyond the project period outlining follow-up projects at the interface between political discourse, academic inquiry and civic education.


Press  / project description:

      Media response Malta  /  April 2014

      Media response Austria / "Die Gute Zeitung" page 8, Okt. 2014


Online article  / "Liberte" journal,  Łódź/Poland:



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Press from Konstanz/Germany:

    Announcement of the film: "Save me - Konstanz eine Stadt sagt ja!"

    Article from Toni Adjati 22.7.15


Austria press briefing: